Google Stadia Gaming Service Offers $ 30 Cheaper Starter Pack

Google is trying in every way to “revive”failed start of the game streaming service Stadia. Earlier it was announced a significant expansion of access to the platform of owners of Android smartphones. Now Google will try to engage owners of 4K-TVs in the project, allowing them to play on the Stadia platform using a wireless gamepad using a special starter pack. The new service is $ 30 cheaper than the previous initial service package.

Updated package called StadiaPremiere Edition also includes a Chromecast Ultra device that allows for HDMI connection, as well as a special Stadia Controller gamepad. The controller can be used both for connecting to TVs and for working with a smartphone or computer using a wireless or wired connection option.

Google Launches New Package for$ 99, which is significantly lower than the previous package, which also included two similar devices. The old starter pack was priced at $ 129. However, the more expensive package provided for a three-month subscription to the Stadia Pro service, which allows you to stream 4K broadcasts, maintain surround sound and open access to free games. The new Stadia Premiere Edition package does not have a subscription to Stadia Pro, however, users can get access to one month of trial acquaintance with Stadia Pro when registering for a free version of Stadia.

Source: theverge