Unlimited gameplay featured in the first PlayStation 5 commercial

Sony unveils the first globalA promotional video for the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 game console that showcases the creation of a completely new gaming experience using adaptive triggers and tactile feedback. The release of global advertising was preceded by a story with the premature appearance of advertising, first on the Hungarian PlayStation website, and then on the Russian one.

In the first frames of the first PlayStation 5 adis shown as the heroine, wandering on a frozen lake, begins to feel the crackle of ice before the sudden appearance of the kraken. Events are sent through tactile feedback implemented in the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller.

In the next step, surround sound demonstratesTempest 3D AudioTech PS5 Console capabilities. And in the ending footage of the video, when the character draws the bow, the possibilities of conveying sensations using the adaptive triggers of the DualSense wireless controller are shown.

The new fifth generation PlayStation will hit the shelves ahead of Christmas 2020 and will cost from $ 400 to $ 500, according to insiders.