Gaming platform WowCube a hybrid of a gaming console and Rubik's cube (video)

At CES 2021, among the manyinnovative projects have already noted the invention of a fundamentally new gaming platform WowCube, which is a hybrid of the traditional Rubik's cube and a compact gaming console. The novelty has already been awarded the CES 2021 Innovation Award.

The inventors were the father and son of Osipov. The idea of ​​the original device belongs to the 14-year-old son Savva Osipov, and the development and implementation of the project fell on the shoulders of his father, Ilya Osipov.

WowCube is an electromechanicala gaming platform resembling a Rubik's cube with a face size of 70 mm. It consists of eight autonomous modules, combined together in such a way that they can be rotated in four layers around three mutually perpendicular axes, which resembles the principle of operation of a Rubik's cube. Each side of the cube has 4 IPS screens, and in total the device received 24 small monitors. The device weighs only 335 grams, and the autonomy is provided by a 4320 mAh battery, which allows the WowCube to work up to 8 hours.

Each WowCube module is self-contained, but theyconnected to each other and exchanged data. Each module has several smart connectors that allow data transmission over the air. On the inside of each module, there are four connectors that interact with three adjacent modules to allow communication and distribution of low voltage power across the WowCube. Each segment operates on its own microprocessor. In addition, the device has an accelerometer.

By applying special applications running underiOS or Android, users will be able to download not only games to the device, but also separate utility programs that broadcast the weather forecast, time or calendar. Data transmission is carried out using Bluetooth. Operation with gaming applications is accomplished by a combination of twisting, tilting and shaking the device. No screen or buttons are required.

Open Application Programming Interface(API) WowCube will allow third-party programmers to create applications for the device, which experts predict the success of Poktmon GO. One of the first to mark the original platform was one of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak, who called WowCube "an incredible invention." WowCube pricing and production plans will be announced at CES2021 events.