Colgate smart toothbrush will use artificial intelligence

Electric toothbrush developers alreadyFor several years in a row, they have been trying to improve devices for a more comfortable and healthy cleaning of the tooth surface. Meanwhile, numerous smart brushes from various manufacturers had one significant drawback - a high price. However, Colgate is now entering the market with a new smart brush that uses artificial intelligence and retails for up to $ 70. In addition to the low price, the brush will be able to provide the owner with recommendations for more effective cleaning of the oral cavity.

The external design of the new device differs littlefrom the previous smart model Colgate Connect E1, which, meanwhile, was distinguished by a higher cost and lack of the ability to issue personalized recommendations. The new brush has several sensors: a gyroscope, which detects the position of the brush inside the mouth, and an accelerometer, which helps determine the speed and overall movement of the hand. The sensors work together to track the parameters of tooth brushing. Also, the brush uses autonomous synchronization, which allows the user not to carry a smartphone with them in the bath.

Special application installed onsmartphone, analyzes the data received from the sensors of the brush and gives recommendations for improving the efficiency of the hygiene procedure. Including the "Guided brushing" function, the user receives recommendations directly during brushing their teeth about the need to pay more attention to a specific area of ​​the tooth surface and even about the optimal angle of inclination of the brush in relation to the plane of the tooth being cleaned. According to the developers, the new brush could be built into the Apple Health ecosystem.

However, not only health is supported by smartColgate brush. The novelty stimulates the user to deep cleaning of the teeth by crediting bonus points for future purchases of the company's products. So to get two replacement attachments for free in the Colgate brand store, the user must receive 999 points.

The Colgate smart brush with artificial intelligence will hit the market for $ 49 with batteries and $ 69 with batteries.

Source: engadget