Attackers trade in the credentials of the management of large companies

The market for illegal trade in personal dataInternet users are beginning to be structured. Now, according to an advertisement on the Internet, you can not only buy data about ordinary citizens, but also purchase confidential data on high-ranking leaders of large corporations.

One of the hackers offers for a feeAccess information about addresses and passwords for e-mail and accounts on Office 365 and Microsoft, owned by top managers of well-known corporations. The ad was posted on one of the hacker resources specialized in underground trade. Fees for the information provided vary depending on the importance of the businessman and range from $ 100 to $ 1,500.

In the description of the items for saleconfidential data, it is indicated that their owners work in leading companies in the USA, England and other countries of the world. Along with senior executives, the hacker offers to get the data of accounting employees, which are directly related to the use of finance. Cybersecurity experts have already conducted a test purchase of the information and confirmed its authenticity.

This illegal business received a specialname - BEC-fraud (Business E-mail Compromises), and is associated with theft of data from corporate resources. One of the best ways to protect against hackers, experts still consider the use of two-factor authentication (2FA).