Spam calls may begin to fine telecom operators

A fine of up to a million rubles may threaten a telecom operator that allowed a call from a replacement number. it

provided for by amendments to the Law on Communications,which are going to be discussed in the State Duma, the Parliamentary Newspaper reports. The bill provides for the placement on the portal "Gosuslugi" of a special form for complaints from citizens about suspicious calls. Each such message will be checked, and operators who allowed a call to a subscriber from a replacement number may face a fine.

Fake number - a way to hide a phone numbercaller. To do this, they resort to special programs that use the SIP protocol for Internet telephony. When making calls from the browser, the called subscriber displays an arbitrary number of the caller - each time different. The draft law has already received positive feedback from the Government of the Russian Federation.

Photo from the website of the newspaper "Parliamentary newspaper"