For the sale of stitched PlayStation Russian fined 20 thousand rubles

The desire to take advantage of unlicensedsoftware cost a resident of the Lipetsk region. As a result of operational actions by law enforcement authorities, the further use of the stitched PlayStation 4 console was suppressed, and the perpetrator must now pay a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

In the regional press of the Lipetsk regionIt is reported that a resident of Lebedyansky district found a violation of Article Art. 273 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Distribution of computer programs known to be designed to block computer information and neutralize computer information protection tools, committed out of mercenary interest”.

During the investigation, it was found that in the fall of 2019years, the offender purchased from an unknown person for 5 thousand rubles a gaming console PlayStation 4, in which the software was modified, which allowed to run unlicensed applications. In the future, the offender resold the console for 7.5 thousand rubles.

Currently, the prefix is ​​seized and destroyed, and the violator of the law is obliged to pay a judicial fine of 20 thousand rubles.

Source: gorod48