The JabberMask is capable of transmitting emotions (2 photos + video)

Almost a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemicset a number of tasks for mankind and showed that modern medicine turned out to be unprepared to face mass diseases. The shortage even affected such elementary things as personal protective equipment in the form of face masks, which at first many had to make by hand. At this stage, many people showed their talents and began to create unique, sometimes futuristic masks.

Closure Gaming Application Developer,Bombernauts, and The End is Nigh presented on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform a project of a voice-controlled face mask capable of visualizing the emotions of a user whose face is hidden from interlocutors.

A new device called JabberMaskdisplays various emotions on the front surface of the cotton mask using LED lights, and even “prescribes” individual words such as OK or NO. The image is formed by small lamps placed in the form of an 8 by 8. Energy comes from 4 AAAA cells or a battery placed in a box attached to the mask clasp. The cotton material of the mask also provides basic protection against viruses.

For comfortable work with the control system inJabberMask PRO models have a mobile application. The mask also has a built-in microphone. Depending on the model, masks will sell for between $ 29 and $ 69. The first deliveries of the smiling mask to customers are scheduled for May 2021.

Source: kickstarter