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Doing sports in a mask is hazardous to health.

Almost the whole world for several months wasforced to sit at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By summer, most restrictions had been lifted and now you can go outside, but in public places you need to wear protective masks and gloves. In some regions of Russia, gyms are already preparing for the opening, on the basis of which the question arises - is it possible to wear a mask during physical exercises? This question, at least, was asked by one of the manufacturers of equipment for sports fencing with swords. As it turned out, physical activity with masks on the face can harm human health.

It’s even hard to wear masks, but what about playing sports?

Sport during coronavirus

At the moment, no group of scientistschecked what harm the body can do sports in medical masks. And the effect on health clearly should be, because with physical activity, the person’s breathing becomes frequent and deep. A paradox arises: with intensive breathing, the probability of transmission of the coronavirus increases, but if you put on a mask, the lungs are heavily loaded. If you think logically, then you need to wear masks in the gyms - but will the body not get even more harm?

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We are not the first day we go to medicalmasked, so do we not know how stuffy it becomes when they are worn. Especially severe lack of fresh air enrages with the onset of hot summer. But some people are forced to unload goods and perform other hard work, breathing with difficulty through masks adjacent to their faces. In some schools, children are forced to come in masks for physical education classes - it is reported that due to lack of air during sports, two children have already died in China. This was recently written by 7News, but the exact cause of the death of children has not been established, because the doctors did not perform an autopsy.

Masked exercise may possibly lead to death.

If you delve deeper into the topic, the danger of medicalmasks is that in them a person inhales the air that has just left the lungs. This air contains a lot of carbon dioxide - in the 1960s, Soviet scientists found that inhaling it could negatively affect blood circulation and the electrical activity of the brain. This means that a person can feel weak and become distracted. As mentioned above, during sports, a person breathes more often and deeper, thereby breathing more carbon dioxide. It turns out that doing masked sports is still harmful.

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Danger of medical masks during physicalactivity also consists in the fact that a person receives less oxygen. Lifting weights and masked running is the same as playing sports on top of a high mountain. And on the mountains, by the way, the so-called altitude sickness. This condition is a consequence of oxygen starvation and is characterized by severe headache, dizziness, rapid breathing and general weakness of the body.

Altitude sickness - a painful condition that occurs in people in the mountains or while flying in a balloon. The cause of the disease is oxygen starvation.

Heavy sport

To find out how much physicalthe masked activity is similar to playing sports at a high altitude; representatives of the manufacturer of fencing uniforms conducted an experiment. The tester put on a device for measuring the concentration of inhaled and exhaled gases. Then she ran for 3 minutes on a treadmill at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Since the study was conducted by a supplier of uniforms for fencers, she donned a suit and a protective helmet. In the first stage, she wore a protective mask under the helmet, and in the second - no.

Tester with a device for measuring the concentration of inhaled and exhaled gases

The concentration of oxygen in the air at sea levelmakes up about 21%. When running in a fencing suit without a medical mask, she inhaled air with a 19.5% oxygen concentration. With a mask pulled over her face, she began to breathe air with a 17% oxygen concentration. According to researchers, inhalation of such air may well cause symptoms that are similar to symptoms of altitude sickness.

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In short, playing sports in medicala mask in some cases can be very harmful. At the moment, researchers have proved the harm only on the example of fencing, and it is not clear how things are with other sports. The sports community clearly needs to do more research, because if the competitions are held in masks, the participants may not be greeted. But there are already offers to hold football matches and other events.