Residential building Urban Forest with built-in park will be built in Brisbane, Australia (4 photos)

Modern architecture uses the mostvarious techniques for integrating wildlife into overcrowded metropolitan areas. In addition to numerous above-ground squares and parks, the designers decided to raise the city forest to the height of a 30-storey residential building.
The idea is to use over 1000 trees and up to 20thousands of plants on the outside of the skyscraper will be implemented in Brisbane, Australia. In the building, which will house 382 apartments, designers from Koichi Takada Architects plan to use environmentally friendly, clean technologies, including solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

The residential building will be built on large columns,made in the form of giant tree trunks. The covered space on the lower ground level will be a small public park of 1,642 sq. meters. The Urban Forest building will rise to a height of 30 floors and will have a total area of ​​55,000 sq. meters. On the roof, the designers will set up a two-story garden for the residents of the house.

For vertical gardening will be used259 species of native plants, and the total number of green spaces placed on the building, more than five times the number of plants in neighboring Musgrave Park. The shape of the house and façade will provide high solar efficiency and natural ventilation. Green spaces will save residents from the heat, and rainwater will provide optimal irrigation.

Aria Property Group is participating in the development of the project, awaiting the issuance of a permit to start construction.

Source: koichitakada