The European Parliament introduces mandatory labeling of smartphones according to the degree of maintainability (2 photos)

European legislators step up protectionsconsumer rights to receive information about the technical parameters of high-tech devices, including smartphones. A new resolution adopted by the European Parliament will oblige manufacturers to introduce a new type of marking, indicating the degree of suitability of devices for repair on a ten-point scale. The expert assessment, previously cited by such resources as, for example, iFixit will now become a prerequisite for selling gadgets in Europe.

Resolution of the European Parliament adopted by 395 votes in favor,with 94 against and 207 abstentions. The document commits the EU Commission to "develop and introduce mandatory labeling to provide consumers with clear, immediately visible and easy-to-understand information about the expected service life and the possibility of repairing a product at the time of purchase."

France was the first to react to the new conditions,which announced the introduction of special labeling in the form of stickers on the packaging of smartphones, laptops, washing machines, TVs and lawn mowers from January 2021. The grades will be on a 10-point scale, just like iFixit grades. These parameters will be judged based on factors such as ease of disassembly, access to repair information, and price or availability of spare parts.

Make it easier for consumers to repair small and largeelectrical appliances are also planned by Austria, which introduces a subsidy of 50% for repairs worth up to 50 euros. However, for other EU countries there is no clear time frame for the introduction of the new labeling. Legislators are hoping for "swift action by manufacturers" to introduce mandatory indexing of all electrical and electronic products sold in the EU.

The EU proposal requires an assessmentmaintainability of devices, similar to the technique used by iFixit for the past fifteen years. According to a recent EU poll, 77% of European citizens would rather have their devices repaired than replaced. At the same time, 79% believe that manufacturers are obliged to promote the repair of digital devices or the replacement of their individual parts.

Source: androidauthority

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