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The soul of the company or the loner: who is more prone to obesity?

Being overweight is the cause ofnumerous health problems such as malfunctioning of the cardiovascular system. And the malfunctioning of such important organs is considered one of the leading causes of death in the world. As a rule, excess weight is gained due to an inactive lifestyle, malnutrition and heredity - if a person's parents were overweight, then he will be inclined to be overweight. However, scientists are confident that there are many other factors that lead to obesity. For example, social life can influence the rate of weight gain. Recently, Canadian scientists conducted a study and found that single people tend to be overweight more than socially active individuals. Only this rule applies only to women - for men, everything works in a completely different way.

Social life affects physique

A new cause of obesity

Unexpected results of scientific work, whichwhile it is difficult to find an explanation, were published in the scientific journal Plos One. As part of the scientific work, the researchers decided to find out if there is any relationship between the number of social connections of a person and his physique. To find out, they used a database of 28,238 people between the ages of 45 and 85 who shared some of their information in a previous work by Canadian scientists. At the disposal of the researchers were data such as the approximate number of people they know, their waist circumference and body mass index (BMI).

Body mass index (BMI) Is the ratio of body weight to human height. This indicator is often used to diagnose obesity.

The harm and benefits of being alone

The first thing the researchers looked at was the women’s data. To their surprise, single study participants were more likely to be overweight. And it doesn't matter what caused the loneliness: the inability to find a mate, divorce or the death of a lover. But women who were in relationships and actively participated in social events, in most cases, did not have problems with being overweight.

Conclusion: single women are prone to obesity, while socially active women are not

But in men, something was observed completelythe opposite. Loners, who became such for completely different reasons, were much slimmer than married men. So, if a person took little part in public life and practically did not communicate with anyone, he did not suffer from overweight problems. But men, surrounded by up to 200 people, were overweight. But does this mean single men are happier and healthier than socially active men? Not at all necessary.

Conclusion: single men are slim, but socially active men are not

The fact is that in the course of scientific work, scientists do notstudied the emotional state of people. It may well be that singles have a slender figure, but at the same time they eat poorly and experience severe stress from a lack of communication. A poor emotional state can lead to weight loss and other problems like severe depression. Overweight men, in turn, can be the lucky ones who are always surrounded by loving people.

Did you know that cosmetics lovers are more likely to have obese children?

Obesity treatment

As part of the study, scientists found thatparticipation in public life is good for the figure of women, but not for men. In this regard, they proposed to use the new knowledge in order to help women fight obesity. Thus, in addition to following a diet, exercise and medication, people may be encouraged to participate in various activities. It doesn't matter what: charity events, interest groups, and so on - all means are good. Who knows, maybe a combination of several methods of losing weight at once really helps? Time will tell, the main thing is that nutritionists and people themselves listen to these advice.

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But what to do with men is not yet clear. What is it, to force people with excess weight to give up the social life of the family? No, the main thing in this business is how happy a person feels. But the fact that family life improves the emotional state of people better has already been proven by science. In general, in the case of men, you need to act differently. There are a lot of ways to lose weight today and every day there are more of them. There are technologies in which bacteria are included in the process of losing weight. You can read about how it works in this article.