Durov named seven reasons not to trust Apple

After the failure to launch a cryptocurrency projectTON (Telegram Open Network) caused by the tough stance of the American regulator of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Pavel Durov went on a crusade against American corporations. Apple is increasingly appearing among the companies most criticized by Pavel. In the last message posted on the page in the Telegram messenger, Durov gives seven reasons why Apple's policies negatively affect almost all iPhone owners.

The founder of VKontakte and Telegram said thatApple's 30% commission results in excessive spending on Apple device users. At the same time, they do not get full access to various content, can easily lose personal data and gain access to low-performance and low-quality applications.

The first reason, according to Durov, is toohigh prices for ordinary users, in the formation of which Apple lays down a 30% commission. Along with the company's payment of the additional cost of the iPhone itself, amounting to several hundred dollars per device, the user has to pay an additional tax on each application.

The second reason is censorship, as a resultwhich part of the content of applications placed in the App Store becomes closed to ordinary users. At the same time, the developers of applications themselves, Apple prohibits the disclosure of content hidden at the request of the company.

The third reason is the constantly decreasingconfidentiality. To work on iPhone with applications from the App Store, the user must register and create an account. Further, applications will be linked to an individual account, which will allow the company to track all user actions. IPhone owners pay for Apple's greed with their personal information.

The fourth reason not to trust Apple Durovcalls the delay in updates, which is due to the low efficiency of the company's moderators. As a result, updates from developers reach users a few days, and sometimes weeks after their release. Apple is unwilling to bear the cost of hiring high-paying, professional moderators to serve its customers.

The fifth reason is a decrease in the numberapplications. Along with the 30% Apple commission, developers incur a huge amount of associated costs. As a result, many applications cannot make a profit and the startups that create them go bankrupt. By removing fees, Apple would open the way for many apps to automatically become profitable.

The sixth reason is constant growththe amount of advertising. To cover the additional costs incurred by Apple's commission, developers are forced to use more advertising. As a result, a business model arises, built on trading the user's attention and personal data.

The seventh reason to express distrust of Apple Durovrefers to the ever-decreasing quality of applications. Developers are forced to pay a commission to Apple instead of channeling the money towards optimizing and developing apps.

Source: Telegram