Drone Chasing F1 will allow fishermen to track prey underwater (3 photos + video)

The oldest human occupation is fishing, rarelyreceives innovative devices and retains the rules and practices created millennia ago. However, the developers from Chasing Innovation (China) decided to diversify the fishing process and transfer a person from the role of a passive hunter for prey to an active player who can track down his prey using video technology.

The new development of the company was named FishFinder Chasing F1 is an unmanned floating surface vehicle capable of tracking fish at a depth of 28 meters and transmitting coordinates to the user via Wi-Fi at a distance of up to 30 meters. To work with a drone made in the form of a surface buoy, a smartphone and a proprietary application are required.

To move in any direction alongwater surface, the Fish Finder Chasing F1 has four motors. The power of the electric motors will allow the device to tow a sonar behind it to improve the accuracy of fish detection, as well as a mobile fish feeder, which allows you to feed the future catch.

The Fish Finder Chasing F1 has a bright yellowcoloring that allows you to visually track the location of the drone. There is also a GPS sensor in the device - allowing you to track the buoy through the mobile application on the map. The Fish Finder Chasing F1 going out of range of Wi-Fi, causes the device to return back using GPS.

In the underwater part of the drone there is a 1080p (30fps) video camera, which can descend to a depth of 28 meters on a cable and provide a 360-degree view of the underwater world.

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The Fish Finder Chasing F1 device, in addition to a video overview of the fish world, provides the user with information about the depth and temperature of seawater. Infrared illumination is switched on at night.

The autonomous operation of the Fish Finder Chasing F1 is provided by a 4800 mAh lithium battery, which guarantees from 4 to 6 hours of watching fish in active mode. The price of the device is $ 700.

Source: chasing