A home holographic cabin will allow you to chat with friends, celebrities and even deceased relatives (video)

The harsh measures of social exclusion introduced duringthe time of the coronavirus pandemic, led to the emergence of exotic technologies to create conditions that provide the most convenient communication between people. However, if users are already tired of communicating through video calling applications like Zoom, they can use a new unusual device from Los Angeles-based startup PORTL Inc.
From now on, users will be able in real timecommunicate with a hologram of the interlocutor, presented in full size. Among other things, the new device will allow viewing recorded holographic images of famous personalities or already deceased relatives.

Externally, the PORTL device isa box the size of a telephone booth (2.1 x 1.5 x 0.6 meters). Using a camera and a white background, any user, according to the director of PORTL Inc, David Nussbaum, will be able to "holoport" and appear before friends in life size in the form of a hologram.

The company already has a wealth of experience in creatingholograms. PORTL previously designed a holographic image of President Ronald Reagan for a library named after him and digitally resurrected rapper Tupac Shakur. The holographic camera is powered by a standard electrical outlet.

According to the developers, such a deviceIt will be useful for families of American military personnel involved in operations around the world or for old acquaintances who are deprived of the opportunity to communicate in person as a result of tough measures to combat the coronavirus.

Quite high price for the first samples of the machinePORTL, which is currently 60 thousand dollars, will be reduced over the next 3-5 years. In addition, the company plans to produce low-cost installation options with smaller dimensions.

Also the PORTL device can be equipped withartificial intelligence technology from Los Angeles-based company StoryFile capable of creating archived hologram recordings. In this case, the cost of the installation for today will be 85 thousand dollars. Such opportunities can be used in museums by “communicating” with historical figures or when communicating with their deceased ancestors who managed to record a holographic video.

Source: reuters

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