A separate sport was invented for exoskeleton pilots (video)

Exoskeletons designed to facilitate executionhard and repetitive physical work, as well as helping people during trauma rehabilitation, are gaining popularity. The Canadian project Prosthesis: Mech Racing, run by Furrion Exo-Bionics and presented on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, aims to create a new kind of mechanical sport - a competition of exoskeletons piloted by specially trained pilots.

The Furrion teamExo-Bionics, for over 14 years, has been working on the idea of ​​creating a global racing league in which several world-class athletes compete against each other, overcoming difficult technical obstacle courses in giant mechanical suits.

The company's exoskeleton has no joysticks orsteering wheel, no pedals. The mechanism is under the complete control of the pilot, using his limbs for this. The device does not have an automatic control system, gyroscopes, the ability to walk or balance independently. In all its movements, the model is controlled exclusively by the pilot. All arm and leg movements are enhanced to control the four giant steel legs. Due to this design, the movement of exoskeletons can be attributed to sports competitions. The exoskeleton equipped with 4 limbs has a mass of about 4 tons and at the same time is able to lift a car and move over rough terrain and off-road.

According to the first pilot of FurrionExo-Bionics, Canadian skeleton champion Cassie Hawrish, she was able to master the skills of controlling the mechanism in just three days. Trainings are held in Canada at a camp near Vancouver. If quarantine restrictions on movement between countries are lifted, the project organizers promise to organize a training camp in San Francisco, Los Angeles and in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas in the spring of 2021.

Source: kickstarter