Blue gamepads with removable batteries have been created for the new Xbox consoles (3 photos)

To commemorate the start date of registrationpre-orders for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, Microsoft has decided to surprise gamers with an updated color scheme for gamepads and the ability to use removable batteries instead of disposable batteries. Accessories are available for pre-ordering on the official Xbox Microsoft website.

Standard on base XboxSeries X comes with a Carbon Black controller, while the budget version of the Xbox Series S comes with a Robot White controller. However, gamers can now choose another color scheme for the Xbox Wireless Controller - Shock Blue, a gamepad with a blue work surface and a partially white back.

Notably, the black and white controllersthe colors are on sale for $ 59.99, and the blue and white new for $ 64.99. At the same time, the external design and location of buttons in all models of accessories are identical.

Another innovation for players isthe ability to order controllers for computers that work via a USB-C cable, or wirelessly through a special adapter for $ 25.

Instead of traditional disposable batteriesMicrosoft also offers the Xbox Rechargeable Battery, which charges while you play and takes 4 hours to fully recharge. A set of battery and USB-C cable will cost the buyer $ 25.