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Are ships and planes really missing in the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangles were first talked about in1951, after the "mysterious disappearances" in this part of the world were first mentioned by Associated Press correspondent Eward Van Winkle Jones. Then he called this area "the sea of ​​the devil." As for the very phrase "Bermuda Triangle", it was first used by the writer Vincent Gaddis in 1964 in his article entitled "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" about the large number of ships and aircraft that disappeared in this region. Gaddis's article served as the starting point for a string of publications about the mysteries of the triangle bounded by peaks in Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico). 11 years later, American linguist Charles Berlitz, being a supporter of anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle, wrote a whole book on the unusual properties of this place. It is said that an average of four aircraft and 20 ships disappear in the area each year. But what is really happening in this region and why are scientists convinced that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is a myth?

Are planes and ships really missing in the Bermuda Triangle?

Paranormal activity

Since about the 1960s, maybe lazyhave not heard of the Bermuda Triangle. Behind hundreds of mysterious disappearances at sea are said to be strange hexagonal clouds, creating "air bombs" capable of shooting down planes and overturning ships. For decades, a series of disappearances spanning 500,000 km between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda remained inexplicable and were dismissed by many as a coincidence.

The triangle is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of at least 1,000 people, as well as about 75 planes and hundreds of ships over the past 100 years.

In fact, no additionalthere are no unexplained plane crashes or shipwrecks in the area, despite numerous rumors. The myth of the Bermuda Triangle has clearly caught the fancy of the general public and, probably, has forever taken its place in films, TV shows, books, articles, games and everything that can only interest fans of popular culture. Even in the cult "X-Files" there is a series in which the main characters find themselves on a ship missing in the triangle and find themselves in the past in the midst of World War II.

A still from the series "The X-Files", episode 3 of season 6.

In general, thanks to Berlitz's book, the whole world has alreadyFor decades, he has been discussing the most incredible theories explaining the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle - UFOs, unusual clouds, time travel, and even underwater monsters like the Loch Ness Monster - which, as you probably know, is also a myth. Scientists believe that instead of a monster, a giant eel could have lived in Loch Ness. However, even despite the subsequent revelations - journalist Larry Kushch analyzed the facts and found that there was no mystery that should have been solved, the myth of the Bermuda Triangle is more alive than all living things (if it's so appropriate to talk about myths).

Benjamin Radford, deputy editor-in-chief of Sceptical Inquirer science in 2012, told Live Science:

"Mysterious disappearances" due to which allwent crazy, were either reported errors or outright fabrications. In some cases, there are no records at all of ships and aircraft that allegedly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle; all of these courts have never really existed outside the imagination of the writer. In other cases, ships and aircraft were quiteare real, but Berlitz and others forgot to mention that they "mysteriously disappeared" during violent storms. In other cases, ships have sunk far beyond the Bermuda Triangle. "

According to the British The Independent,researchers from the University of Southampton believe that 300-meter waves rise from time to time inside the triangle, which may be the reason that ships and planes sank in this region. Scientists described their vision of what is happening in the documentary "The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle", where internal simulators were used to create artificial waves that could absorb air and sea vessels.

Allegations of unusual and "paranormal" phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle were made as early as 1492 when Christopher Columbus reported seeing strange lights and compass readings.

In 1918, the 165-meter USS Cyclops,that was used to transport fuel during the First World War, disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The myth that the ship suffered a supernatural fate has become very popular. This was possibly the most significant loss in the history of the US Navy.

Meanwhile, many researchers believe that inThis infamous Atlantic area is raged with violent storms from time to time, capable of splitting even such a huge and heavy ship as the USS Cyclops. Such storms can come from both the south and the north and can be a potential cause of the formation of monstrous, 300-meter waves.

Strange clouds

But the worst storms are not the only possiblethe reason for the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Among the scientific community, there are researchers, including meteorologist Dr. Steve Miller of the University of Colorado, who believe that the hexagonal clouds (seen more than once over the region) actually create "air bombs", with winds reaching 273 kilometers per hour.

Strange six-cornered clouds over the Bermuda Triangle.

They can be responsible for hundredsunsolved incidents at sea. "Air bombs", according to Miller, are formed by so-called micro-ruptures - explosions of air that descend from the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean.

The researchers also note that over the western tip of Bermuda appear large-scale clouds ranging from 30 to 88 kilometers wide. Using radar satellites to measureUnder the unusual clouds, Miller's research team found that sea level winds also reach dangerously high speeds, creating waves up to 13 meters high as a result.

Well, all of the above testifiesthat most likely the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is a region with extremely unfavorable weather conditions. What do you think is happening in this mysterious part of the globe? We will wait for the answer here as well as in the comments to this article.

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