A pyramid-shaped sensor will track the movement of the Earth

Currently, many technologicalprocesses, logistics companies, rescue services and the military cannot work without a clear and reliable positioning system. The project, which is being implemented in Germany, will significantly increase the accuracy of these systems, ensuring the fixation of the slightest vibrations of the Earth. For this purpose, a giant ROMY sensor will operate in the underground bunker, the purpose of which will be to study changes in the angle of inclination and rotation of the Earth. Recording the slightest changes in this parameter will increase the reliability of satellite positioning systems, such as GPS and GLONASS.

The change in the Earth's rotation occurs underthe impact of various factors associated with sea tides, earthquakes, tectonic processes in the earth's crust. All this affects the performance of positioning systems. Now, changing the position of the earth's axis is carried out using telescopes and takes a long time, not ensuring the correct operation of positioning systems in real time.

ROMY sensor made in the form of a giantan inverted pyramid is housed in an underground bunker. Laser beams pass through the tubes-edges of the sensor, allowing to record the slightest changes in the rotation of the planet. For this, the measurement of the laser wavelength is used. The sensor is currently being tested and further improved, as its accuracy is still inferior to traditional measurements using telescopes.

source: planet-today

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