Xiaomi's Loctek smart gaming table will allow you to play while standing (4 photos)

Xiaomi engineers bring to the corporateYoupin platform is another model of an ergonomic computer desk that allows you to quickly change the characteristics. Using the original engineering solution, the user will be able to work at the Loctek Electric Standing Desk both sitting and standing, which will relieve the stress in the musculoskeletal system that occurs during prolonged work with the computer.

Top of the computer table topCoated with carbon fiber for durability. The maximum load on the surface of the tabletop should not exceed 70 kg, which allows it to be installed on any modern personal computer with peripherals, but excludes dancing on the table.

The user manual states thatthe height of the table top can be adjusted in the range from 710 to 1210 mm. The user has the ability to store three different heights, making it easy to switch between different tabletop positions.

Small monitor controlslocated on the bottom right of the table. The monitor shows the tabletop height parameters and position numbers assigned to the specific Loctek Electric Standing Desk configuration. On the Youpin platform, the table can be ordered starting at $ 272.