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Where is the furthest place from land?

Probably every person at least once in his lifethere was a desire to go where no one could reach him. But today a place where there is not a single person is almost impossible to find. Such a place is perhaps the so-called point Nemo, which is considered the farthest place from land. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean and the three nearest pieces of land are 2688 kilometers away from it. At this point on our planet, there is almost no one, not even fish - you can only find microbes. But this place is the largest dump of space equipment... Within the framework of this material, we will find out why inpoint Nemo no one lives and why on its territory there is a huge amount of wreckage of spaceships. But first, it's worth figuring out how it was discovered, because it was not known about it until 1992.

Point Nemo is used as a dump for spaceships


  • 1 Where is point Nemo located?
  • 2 Who lives at point Nemo?
  • 3 Spaceship graveyard
  • 4 Underwater monster

Where is point Nemo located?

According to BBC Earth, scientists could not decidewith the location of the most distant place from the land for centuries. Point Nemo was only discovered in 1992 by the Croatian explorer Hrvoje Lukatela. At all times, the search for the most distant place from the continents was difficult because scientists could not simply open a map of the Earth and put it in the middle of the largest ocean. And all because our planet is not perfectly round, but has a slightly elongated shape. Therefore, in order to take into account all the irregularities and identify the necessary point on the map, we had to resort to computer modeling. Hrvoje Lukatel uploaded the most accurate data on the parameters of our planet to a computer and received the long-awaited result.

Point Nemo on the map

The computer-defined location was namedpoint Nemo, in honor of the captain of the same name - the hero of the novels by Jules Verne. This point is located in the South Pacific Ocean. Those wishing to get to an unusual place will have to be patient and overcome 2,688 kilometers. And the starting point is better to choose the islands of Duci, Motu Nui or Maher. So that you understand how far this place is from civilization, here's an interesting fact - the International Space Station is located at an altitude of 400 kilometers. That is, if you suddenly find yourself in point Nemo, the closest people to you will be the members of the space station crew!

Who lives at point Nemo?

People are very rare in point Nemo. For example, some extreme sportsmen swim there on boats as part of a competition. There are no fish and aquatic mammals there either, because they have nothing to eat. The fact is that usually nutrients are transferred from land to water under the influence of wind. There is no land near the Nemo point, which means that there is no source of food for fish in these waters. Not far from this point, at some depth, there are underground volcanoes - only bacteria live near them, which are able to feed on the formed minerals.

My colleague Vladimir Kuznetsov wrote in this article about exactly which bacteria live at point Nemo.

Spaceship graveyard

Since there is practically no one at point Nemo,aerospace agencies NASA and Roskosmos use it as a landfill for spacecraft. When the life of satellites and other equipment expires, agencies push them into the earth's atmosphere and they fall exactly to this point. But this does not mean that right now, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, there are huge devices that once flew in space. Only the strongest parts are there, because the rest of the parts burn out in the atmosphere. Scientists believe there is nothing catastrophic about the accumulation of debris at point Nemo. And all because this place is too far from humanity to do much harm.

At the bottom of point Nemo there are hundreds of spaceships. Among them are about 150 Russian "Progress" and the remains of the space station "Mir"

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Underwater monster

But the accumulation of debris is not good anyway. Some people believe that there is high radiation in the territory of point Nemo. If you dream up and imagine that some animal will come to this place, then it can mutate. As a result, it is capable of becoming a huge sea monster. It sounds like a stupid fairy tale, but one day scientists really began to suspect that a monster lives at point Nemo. The fact is that about 2000 kilometers from it, an underwater rumble was heard. It was louder than the sounds of whales and other large mammals. At first, the researchers assumed that they were dealing with an animal unknown to science, but then it turned out that it was the rumble of crumbling icebergs.

Once people believed that Cthulhu dwelled in point Nemo

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The emergence of the myth of the monster point Nemocontributed to the fact that this place was mentioned in the stories of the American writer Howard Lovecraft. The city R'lyeh described by him, which is flooded and holds a huge monster Cthulhu captive, was located near point Nemo.