PlayStation 4 found a built-in emulator of the original PS1 (video)

Nostalgia for old games that haveunique gameplay, constantly haunts the true fans of computer battles. Last year, a remake of the popular game MediEvil for PlayStation 4 was launched on the market, the original version of which was released back in 1998. A small surprise was built into the game, namely, an emulator that allows the original MediEvil application to be brought to life on the PlayStation 4.

After careful study, some gamerssuggested that the emulator built into the game can be used not only for MediEvil, but also for other games on the PS1. However, in reality, not everything is perfect. One of the enthusiasts Lance MacDonald, in particular, came to this conclusion, who tried to use an emulator for Silent Hill. As a result, the presence of numerous bugs did not allow McDonald to play the original Silent Hill comfortably on PS4.

Attempts to run other older games are simplyended at the start of the application. So Siphon Filter stops at the logo of the developer studio, and Wild Arms is loaded only up to the main menu. As a result, the enthusiast stopped experimenting.

According to the developers, the future consoleThe PlayStation 5 will receive backward compatibility. However, how "deeply" the applications will be compatible, and whether the games of the original PlayStation, since its release more than a quarter of a century, will be available on the fifth generation, the near future will show.