In 2028, Russia will build a space station larger than Mir

The new Russian space station willcreated by the state corporation "Energia", will surpass the station "Mir" and the Russian compartment on the ISS in volume. The concept of the future station provides for the presence of not only scientific compartments, but also a separate room for tourists.

The size of the new station will exceed the volumeinternal premises of the Mir station (376 cubic meters) and consist of five modules. This is a production compartment, a storage room, a slipway platform, which provides reception, assembly and launch of spacecraft. The station will also include a base and a commercial or tourist compartment. The latter can accommodate up to four space tourists.

The creation of the base will take place in two stages.At first, in 2025-26, the base compartment, as well as the nodal and airlock modules will be launched into space. At this stage, two Russian cosmonauts will be able to work at the station, and the internal volume of the station will be 136 cubic meters. The second stage will last from 2026 to 2028, and at this time the rest of the modules, including the tourist one, will be launched into orbit. The total internal volume will be increased to 464 cubic meters and up to 4 cosmonauts will be able to work at the station.

Source: ria