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10 times more deaths and a new wave of cases: the result of quarantine in Sweden

One of the few countries (and the only one inEurope), which decided not to introduce any quarantine measures because of the coronavirus, became Sweden. While most of the world was at home, shops were not working, and people were self-insulating, life continued in Stockholm and other cities of the country as if nothing had happened. There were shopping centers, cafes, schools, and other public places. There were no orders to wear masks or other protective equipment. It turns out that all this was left to chance and the citizens themselves decided how they should be. This format threatened with serious consequences, although there were also those who considered it more effective than quarantine.

Sweden decided to take a different path, but it turned out to be ineffective

Indeed, initially in Sweden there wasn’tthe strong growth of patients and deaths from coronavirus, and it seemed that a pandemic could indeed be overcome without self-isolation. However, two weeks later (just when it ended coronavirus incubation period) the number of cases began to grow significantly. However, even then, the country's authorities did not introduce any quarantine measures. Yes, someone began to work from home, and the most conscious ceased to go out without the need, but for the most part, life continued, as before.

Coronavirus in Sweden

It was only a matter of time before the pandemiccoronavirus in Sweden will lead to dire consequences. What do we have now? In Sweden, 219 cases per million people. In Spain, at the peak of the epidemic, there were 185 people per million (now, thanks to quarantine measures, they have almost coped with the virus and are returning to normal life). In the United States, where about 2 million people were already ill with the coronavirus, at the peak there were 118 cases per million people. And this despite the fact that the United States conducts 56,000 tests per million people, and Sweden ... only 27,000 tests! Of course, the less tests are performed, the less a person with a coronavirus is detected.

The dynamics of deaths from coronavirus in different countries of Europe. Denmark and Finland are here as an example of Sweden’s “neighbors,” and Switzerland is a country with a similar population.

And now, when most of the countries of Europe, having survivedquarantine, open shops and cafes, and people go to work because the growth rate of patients fell, in Sweden everything is just beginning. In the same Finland, Norway and Denmark, which are located near this country, mortality from coronavirus is 7, or even 10 times less, since quarantine measures were introduced there on time. At the same time, Sweden does not provide data on the recovered. How convenient, right?

Sweden not only does not conduct a sufficient number of tests, it also does not share all the data

Why quarantine is needed

But a wave of indignation has done its job, and the other daySweden’s chief epidemiologist acknowledged as a mistake that the authorities did not quarantine because of the coronavirus. According to him, if it were possible to "rewind time", then at least some quarantine measures would be introduced by the country.

If we face such a disease again, ouraction will be a cross between what has been done in Sweden and the rest of the world. You need to know exactly what needs to be closed in order to prevent the spread of infection.

In other words, Sweden admitted her mistake, but,It seems too late. The rest of the Scandinavian countries have already passed the peak of the epidemic and are beginning to return everything to their places (where possible), they are opening tourist links with neighboring countries. Should Sweden be allowed to go there is a good question, considering that the number of deaths from coronavirus there is still growing.

When it became known that Sweden decidednot to enter quarantine, we later wanted to compare whether the method chosen in Stockholm for the fight against coronavirus works. Now it’s clear that definitely not.

Sweden leads in the number of deaths among countries with a population of about 10 million people. And apparently, this is not the end.

We constantly monitor the situation and update the data so that you are aware of the situation with coronavirus.

Why did you decide to go tothis way? In general, the Swedes have always been a mansion in Europe and here again. Perhaps they decided to follow the path of collective immunity - this is when they actively treat only the weakest members of society, and the strongest get sick and develop immunity. 70-80 percent of the population will develop immunity and the epidemic is much easier. But, as we see from the latest data, it did not go easier, but, on the contrary, only escalated.

In the future, there is a risk that the situation will come outout of control and the number of patients begins to grow like an avalanche. This will lead to the fact that the country's medical system simply can not cope. Of course, other countries of Europe will come to her aid, but Sweden’s approach to such problems will be remembered for a long time. It was much easier to just close the cities, as they did in Finland, Norway and Spain.

Will the country enter quarantine now -unclear. The authorities have not yet covered this topic, and doctors, apparently, do not know what exactly they need to do. It seems to me that it is better to introduce quarantine late than not to enter it at all and endanger the whole nation.