A bicycle with an autopilot created in the USA (2 photos + video)

In modern metropolitan areas suffering fromconstant traffic jams, more and more people use bicycles as a means of transportation. Engineers working for the MIT Autonomous Bicycle Project have created a prototype bicycle of the future, equipped with an autopilot system that allows the bike to be delivered to the user autonomously.

The main application for bicycles withautopilot is the vehicle rental industry. The consumer will be able to order a bike with delivery to a specific point in the city. Then the user rides like a regular bicycle. When the ride is over, the device transforms into a tricycle for lateral stability and travels on its own to the next user.

Autonomous bike designprovides a split frame in the rear with two wheels, which folds when traveling with a passenger and unfolds when driving independently. In the autonomous travel mode, it is not yet provided for placing a person on a bicycle.

The current prototype is controlled by a remote controlremote control, has two motors and a control unit. Engineers continue to work to improve self-contained hardware and software.