In the United States developed a silent folding helicopter drone Ghost 4 with artificial intelligence

Standalone compact and virtually silentThe Ghost 4 Ghost reconnaissance drone (Ghost 4) was developed by the American company Anduril and uses the Lattice artificial intelligence platform. Among the main advantages of the scout-ghost is its small size. During transportation, the drone folds into convenient durable cases or field bags.

The use of artificial intelligence allowsGhost 4 to carry out autonomous reconnaissance with an individual program, or as part of a group - a swarm consisting of several UAVs. The scout's body is elongated and its design resembles a rifle. With the total length of the "ghost" 2.7 meters, its height and width are only 40 centimeters. When folded into special hard cases, the packed Ghost 4 is no more than 1.1 meters long.

Autonomous work of a flying scoutprovide batteries, and the flight time is more than 100 minutes, which is three to four times longer than that of current drones - DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise (31 minutes) and DJI Inspire 2 (27 minutes).

Ghost 4 Unified Fuselage Mountallow you to install various equipment for reconnaissance, creating radio interference, monitoring the enemy. The possibility of mounting larger batteries is also available. According to the developers, the new device is practically silent, which allows for covert surveillance. The drone's hull and modules are waterproof, making it all-weather and suitable for use in the navy.

Source: anduril