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A "black river" has formed in the USA: how is it dangerous for fish and people?

Recently residents of the American state of Arizonawatched the very frightening spectacle that is usually characteristic of horror films. In an instant, a dark liquid began to flow over the dried up drainage basin of the Canada del Oro, which looked like a mixture of water, black earth and huge pieces of burnt trees and other debris. It seemed that this ominous mishmash escaped to the surface of our planet straight from hell and will soon begin to destroy all life in its path. Of course, the river did not burst out of the underworld, but at the moment no one doubts that it can harm the lives of animals in people. But where did this frightening mass come from and how is it dangerous? In fact, such a phenomenon can occur anywhere in the world, especially in our difficult times.

"Black River" in the American state of Arizona

Black river in the USA

An unusual phenomenon was described in the scientificScience Alert. The dried-up drainage basin filled with an ominous mass on July 15, 2020, and some people were able to capture the unusual phenomenon on camera. It is not even clear what this mess can be compared to - in appearance it looks like smoking lava that burst out of the volcano. However, in fact, this mixture consists of rainwater, burnt trees and debris, which our planet is filled to the brim with. According to the researchers, the resulting gruel, which began to spread over long distances, is dangerous not only for animals, but also for humans.

The resulting fire is considered the seventh largest in the history of Arizona

Unusual coincidence

During a fire in Arizona, it started raining - soas water could not be absorbed into the ground, it began to accumulate on the surface. As a result, a rather powerful river was formed, which began to carry the remains of burnt trees and other debris that met on its way. As a result, the stream of water reached the aforementioned pool and the locals managed to film the threatening mass on their smartphones' cameras.

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According to scientists, the resulting mass canharm the lives of many aquatic life. The fact is that once in the waters where fish live, this mishmash reduces the level of oxygen dissolved in them. In addition, cyanobacteria begin to thrive in contaminated water, which by themselves absorb a lot of oxygen. Ultimately, fish and other aquatic creatures have nothing to breathe. In addition, they cannot hunt in troubled waters, which increases the risk of dying from hunger.

"Black River" can cause mass death of fish

Also formed after fire and torrentialRains dirty river can fall into reservoirs that are connected to the homes of local residents. Such water is difficult to purify, so people run the risk of being left without drinking water. Fortunately, in this case, nothing threatens people, and there are no reports of dead fish yet. Such a phenomenon may well occur anywhere on our planet, especially nowadays, when forest fires are far from uncommon. We can say that the whole of 2019 will be remembered only by the fires that raged for months in Siberia, Australia and other parts of our planet.

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The above "black river" was formed bynature and this is a rather rare occurrence. Most often, dangerous rivers and reservoirs are formed due to the activities of people, namely their mistakes. A major oil spill recently occurred in Norilsk, but there have been many similar disasters in the history of mankind. You can read about the largest of them in this article.