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A mysterious metal monolith was found in the USA. What it is?

Recently in the American state of Utahconservationists have tried to trace the migration routes of the bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis). Whether they succeeded or not is unknown, but the researchers found something more interesting. As they flew by helicopter over the canyons, one of them noticed something shiny. They wondered what it was, so the helicopter landed in the safest place and the nature guards approached the mysterious object. He was dug in the ground and perfectly polished monolithwhich is made from at the momentunidentified metal. Outwardly, it resembles an alien obelisk from the sci-fi movie "A Space Odyssey 2001" by Stanley Kubrick. But what is it really?

Mysterious monument found in the American state of Utah

Monolith Is a geological formation in the form of a solid stone block. Monoliths are also called monuments carved out of stone. For the purposes of this article, the mysterious monument is made of metal.

Mysterious monument in the USA

The discovery of the mysterious monolith was told byedition of The Guardian. From the helicopter, the silver monolith was clearly visible because it contrasted sharply with the red ground on the canyon. According to conservationists who discovered it, the height of the monument is approximately 3 meters... At the same time, he is clearly dug into the ground, but for whatexactly the depth is still unknown. It is made of shiny metal, but what exactly scientists do not yet know. Perhaps soon they will analyze and recognize it.

The height of the monument is approximately 3 meters

According to helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings (BretHutchings) is the strangest thing he has faced in his career. According to him, one of the biologists sitting behind him was the first to notice the monolith. At their request, he landed a helicopter near the monolith and they began to study it. He believes that this monument is the creation of some artist or an ardent fan of the movie "A Space Odyssey 2001". In one of the fragments of this film, a group of monkeys find a giant slab. Only in the film is it painted black, and this monolith is made of shiny metal.

A scene from the movie "A Space Odyssey 2001"

There is an assumption that the author of this creationis a New York artist John McCracken. He was known for his minimalistic works of art - during his life he erected many monoliths that are very similar to the one found by the researchers. The artist died in 2011, and people close to him have not yet commented on the situation. Perhaps this is really one of his projects, which for some reason was kept secret.

Monoliths created by John McCracken

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Where is the mysterious monument?

A mysterious object was found on the territoryUtah State. But researchers are reluctant to name the exact location because many people may come to this place. This is highly undesirable for two reasons at once. Firstly, lovers of mysterious stories can simply get lost in the wild and not the fact that they will survive. Secondly, they can disturb the bighorn sheep, which already live in very difficult conditions. Although they are not on the verge of extinction, people can hunt them in the hope of getting their valuable horns.

The location of the mysterious monument is not revealed to save the lives of people and bighorn sheep

The photographs show that the monolith is covereda small layer of dirt. However, there is no noticeable damage on it. Apparently, it is made of a very durable metal that is well protected from rust formation. It is impossible to tell how old this monument is. Therefore, it remains only to wait for new details from researchers who are studying the mysterious object.

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