Perfumes with the smells of space will be released in the USA (video)

Non-standard cologne, among the aromas of whichthe user will be able to smell sweat, gasoline and other specific chemicals, will appear on the shelves after the implementation of the project to create a perfume with the romantic name “Eau de Space”. A project to raise funds to start production is hosted on the Kickstarter site, where almost 7,600 users have already contributed 323 thousand dollars (42 days before the completion of the fundraising).

It is noteworthy that the seemingly absurd projecthad practical goals, was commissioned by NASA and was intended to train astronauts in modeling the situation in orbit. Previously, the results of work in this direction were classified, but now Omega Ingredients got the right to launch perfume under the Eau de Space brand, which uses developments for NASA's astronaut adaptation space program.

Surveys showed that the aromacosmos little resembles the smells associated with celestial gardens. According to astronauts who have been in orbit, these unique, pungent smells have nothing to do with earthly ones. Also, experts announced a constant desire to once again feel the unusual smell of space.

Meanwhile, the results of Omega Ingredientsshowed that the scents of space are more like the smell of gasoline, specific chemicals and sweat. It is noteworthy that each astronaut in his own way conveys impressions of smells, so for Peggy Witson, the first woman to command the expedition to the ISS, they were smells with the taste of burning and smoke, and astronaut Thomas Jones even smelled sulfur in space.

Thus, the new perfume will be the most unusualof all the colognes currently existing, but judging by the active fundraising, this will be a quite successful business project exploiting the popularity of space topics.

Source: kickstarter