Telegram Unlocked in Russia

Long confrontation between RussianThe regulator Roskomnadzor and the social network Telegram, which lasted almost two years, ends with the victory of Pavel Durov. Officials who unsuccessfully tried to introduce restrictions on the use of Telegram in Russia took an obvious decision for many to remove the block from the social network.

The regulator tried to maintain dignityan explanation of the reasons for its decision, triggered by a recent statement by Durov about his readiness to continue to help the fight against terrorism and extremism. From now on, Russian citizens will be able to communicate in Telegram without using a proxy and VPN.

The official message of Roskomnadzor statedthat the restriction of access to Telegram is removed in agreement with the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia. The formal reason for the release of Telegram, which was already actively used not only by ordinary citizens, but also by many government agencies, was Durov's microblog, where Pavel supported the bill proposed by the State Duma deputies to remove restrictions on Telegram.

In his message, the founder of Telegram notesthat the two-year blocking of the network in Russia was due to the fight against terrorism. Meanwhile, Telegram, which had no good feelings for extremists before, has recently taken a number of measures to increase the effectiveness of identifying and eliminating public calls for terrorism and violence. Every month, tens of thousands of messages are deleted on the network that contain the slightest hint of a call to terrorism or extremism. At the same time, the fight against cybercriminals is carried out while maintaining complete confidentiality of correspondence in accordance with the Telegram privacy policy.

Source: ILV