Russia will abandon 3G and radio communications in favor of LTE

As part of the Communications Development Strategyit is planned to gradually get rid of 3G networks, and instead focus on LTE networks. Experts recognize the need to move away from 3G, but believe that professional radio communications have long-term prospects.

The practice is now becoming popular in Russiacreation of their own mobile networks by industry companies. In 2022, the market volume of private mobile communication networks reached 1.5 billion rubles, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. These networks are used in various fields, including industry, transport and energy.

It is important to note that professional radio communicationscan be implemented both on the basis of our own technologies and on the basis of 4G LTE networks. Currently in Russia there are no special frequencies allocated for private LTE networks, so corporate customers can use existing cellular networks. However, professional radio networks are expected to be integrated into LTE networks in stages.

There are also plans to abandon 3G networks and switchto more modern technologies such as LTE. This step will help solve the problem of radio frequency resource shortages and ensure more efficient use of cellular communications. The strategy assumes that by 2025, 81% of mobile subscribers in Russia will use LTE, 7% will use 2G networks, and only 4% will remain on 3G. By this time, most operators in the world will also turn off 3G networks.

Source: cnews