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A new species of ticks was found in Russia. What diseases do they spread?

According to the scientific literature, on the territoryRussia is home to about 40 species of bats. Most of them are found on the territory of Dagestan, where there are many mountainous areas with deep and dark caves. But it is in them that winged creatures prefer to live, because there are ideal conditions for them with an abundance of edible insects. Russian bats have been studied very little, but at the moment both our scientists and their colleagues from the United States are actively involved in this matter. In the course of their work, they found out that there are many parasites on the bodies of bats. One of them especially surprised the researchers, because it was previously believed that he lives only in Germany. We are talking about the tick Macronyssus leislerianus, which carries diseases that are dangerous to humans and wild animals. Sounds scary, doesn't it? Let's see what scientists currently know and whether we should worry.

Lesser noctresses can spread dangerous diseases

Little bats

The features of bats from Dagestan werereported in the scientific journal International Journal of Acarology. Scientific work was carried out by researchers from Togliatti, Tyumen, the American state of Michigan, as well as by the staff of the Zhigulevsky Reserve. Macronyssus leislerianus mites, which belong to the macronissid family, have been found on the bodies of bats referred to as little noctresses (Nyctalus leisleri). They are widespread on the territory of the European part of Russia and can fly up to 1000 kilometers. By themselves, they are small and light - the body length does not exceed 6.6 centimeters, and the mass is about 20 grams.

Vespers look scary, but they don't drink blood

New ticks in Russia

Найденные на их телах клещи Macronyssus leislerianus were previously found only in Germany. So the fact of their habitation on the territory of our country turned out to be a great discovery for scientists. What exactly is the danger to humans and animals posed by this species of ticks, researchers have yet to study. But it belongs to the macronissid family, so scientists already have a rough list of diseases with which they can infect other organisms. It should be noted that these diseases are very serious and pose a great danger to the health of any creature.

One of the representatives of the macronissids

You can read about why bats easily carry diseases in this material.

Diseases from ticks

For example, the bodies of these mites may containBartonella bacteria (Bartonella henselae). As a rule, they enter the human body through cat bites and scratches, but there is also the possibility of infection from ticks. After entering the body, these bacteria cause inflammation of the lymph nodes, an increase in body temperature and general poisoning. In some cases, a rash on the skin, as well as damage to the eyes and internal organs, may occur. But in general, with timely treatment, people come to their senses in a couple of weeks.

This is what the Bartonella look like

Also detected mites can be carriersbacteria referred to as Borrelia. They are the causative agents of Lyme disease, which is considered one of the most common tick-borne diseases. At first, the disease manifests itself as an increase in body temperature, headache and the appearance of a skin rash. With complications, the disease affects the joints, heart and nervous system. Basically, it is treated with antibiotics with timely help, the person recovers.

Borrelia's appearance

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Worry about the bats startinginfecting people with terrible diseases is definitely not worth it. Firstly, they rarely appear in people's places of residence, and you should try to pick up ticks from them. Secondly, there are already medicines for these diseases and methods of treatment have already been developed. We can only hope that they do not tolerate diseases such as coronavirus that are sudden for humanity. After all, there is an assumption that bats were its carriers.

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