Luca car made from recycled waste created in the Netherlands (3 photos)

Humanity generates about 2.1 billion tonswaste per year. This huge amount of garbage is enough to fill 7,380 times to the roof of the PSV football stadium from Eindhoven. Students from Eindhoven decided to deal with one of the most pressing problems of mankind, who started a unique project "Luka" to create a car, all parts of which are created from recycled waste. Young people are not seeking economic benefits or car production from waste. The goal of the project is to draw the attention of business to human waste, which is, in fact, a valuable raw material.

An electric sports car called Lucamade mainly from flax and recycled plastic, most of which was fished in the ocean. The body, trim, windows and interior are also made from recycled materials, including PET bottles, hard ABS plastic and household waste.

During the processing of waste for secondarystudents were convinced of the high labor intensity of this process. To obtain the required auto rigidity and strength, it was necessary not only to fish out plastic from the ocean, but also to structure it to create composite materials with the required parameters. The result was a Luca chassis weighing only 400 kg.

Also to replace toxic car paintsenthusiasts suggested using a colored film made from recycled packaging polyethylene. Recycled PET was used for the seat upholstery, which at the end became similar in structure to suede. Horsehair and coconut flakes have come in handy for stuffing car seats.

The students used twoelectric motors capable of accelerating the "trash car" to a speed of 90 km / h. The autonomous driving radius was 220 km. The Luca is a two-seater car, and there is even room in the trunk for useful things on the road.

Source: tue