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Round, mysterious objects discovered in deep space

Astronomers regularly discover new objects. Moreover, in the distant past, mankind did not know anything at all about what was happening in the vastness of the distant, cosmic ocean. So there is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that each new object in the telescope is a godsend for astronomers. Our current understanding of how space works will come in handy when trying to make sense of the new, mysterious objects that researchers are discovering. There are several methods by which astronomers can determine what an object is, for example, by its reaction to natural phenomena in distant space. But what kind of mysterious objects did the researchers find this time?

Four mysterious objects found deep in space are unlike anything astronomers know

Mysterious space objects

Strange round objects in deep spaceresearchers noticed with telescopes. These objects, as the British The Independent reports, "apparently do not correspond to any known type of object." At the same time, there is no definitive explanation for how these heavenly bodies could have formed. So far, four circular objects have been discovered, three of which have glowing edges. Scientists have not yet been able to explain the origin of objects. But what are these objects?

Researchers believe that “an unexpected classastronomical objects ”may be a spherical shock wave from a dramatic event that occurred elsewhere in the galaxy. It could include an explosion from powerful events such as fast radio bursts, gamma-ray bursts, or neutron star mergers, which remain mysterious in themselves and which researchers have known about for a long time. These objects can also represent a new perspective on already known phenomena.

Circular objects that appear bright at the edges were discovered when astronomers studied archival data from radio telescopes in Australia and India.

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Astronomers also say that it is possible thatthese objects represent many different objects that were noticed at the same time thanks to the new observation capabilities. The objects were spotted with a new kind of radio telescope, Australia's Pathfinder Quad-Kilometer array, according to the study, which was accepted for publication in the journal Nature Astronomy. Four circular, mysterious objects were discovered when researchers worked on an Evolutionary Universe Map (EMU) survey that scans the sky.

As the researchers write at work, with a preprintwhich can be viewed on the arXiv server, after discovering the objects, they were named ORCs, or Odd Radio Circles. This name was chosen because scientists are not yet able to explain their origin. Circles are often found in astronomical images and can be a sign of a number of different objects. Roughly speaking, they can be anything from supernova remnants, planetarynebula or something like a protoplanetary disk or star-forming galaxy at a certain angle. It is also possible that these mysterious objects may indicate an error or malfunction of the observation equipment.

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Where are the "Radio circles?"

Exact distance to ORCs at the time of writingthis article remains unknown. Astronomers believe that the objects may be related to distant galaxies, since they are outside the galactic plane of the Milky Way galaxy, which, as I wrote earlier, "throws out" stars from itself. The approximate size of the mysterious Radio Circles suggests that they are about thirty times smaller than the moon. It should be noted that the true nature of ORCsmay turn out to be far more exciting than the wildest and craziest theories currently being advanced. Radio circles can be evidence of the existence of completely new objects that we have never seen or celestial bodies, the existence of which we have not guessed all these years.

ORCs can have several explanations, but so far astronomers cannot say with certainty what they are.

It is noteworthy that the mysterious Radio Circlesinvisible in the visible, infrared and X-ray spectrum. Two objects have galaxies at their centers. This leads astronomers to assume that the same galaxies may have formed them. At the moment, only four objects have been discovered - which is clearly not enough to speak of a final discovery. One way or another, astronomers will continue to study the sky in the hope of finding the source of the strange circles and unraveling the mystery of their appearance. What do you think these mysterious objects are? You can share the answer in the comments to this article, as well as with the members of our Telegram chat