England will start producing "heavenly diamonds" extracted from atmospheric carbon

An active supporter of the use of "greenEnergy, founder of energy company Ecotricity Dale Vince plans to start mining diamonds directly from the air, using carbon in the atmosphere as well as industrial emissions.

Renewable energy enthusiast who has managedto profit from solar power plants even in rainy England, claims that diamonds with "negative emissions" will be the most environmentally friendly, as they will use carbon, polluting the atmosphere. It is noteworthy that the energy needed to support the process of synthesizing artificial diamonds is planned to be obtained from renewable sources - from wind and solar power plants.

Production will be deployed in Stroud,located in the southwest of England. Green technology uses carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere. The produced diamonds are chemically identical to diamonds mined from underground. In addition to wind and solar energy, it is planned to use rainwater, which is necessary to obtain hydrogen by electrolysis. Subsequently, hydrogen is used for methane production. The production process of synthetic environmentally friendly diamonds is no different from the traditional diamond synthesis scheme.

Extraction of natural diamonds other than permanentbloody conflicts, leads to constant pollution of nature. Today, for the extraction of one carat of diamonds, it is necessary to move 1000 tons of rock, use 3890 liters of water, and the generation of the necessary energy leads to the emission of 108 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the technology of the new startup SkyDiamonds, presented by Dale Vince, is based on the extraction of carbon from the atmosphere. At the first stage, it is planned to produce 200 carats of diamonds per month, but over the next year, production will be expanded to 1000 carats per month.

Source: theguardian