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Mysterious dinosaurs lived in Australia to tear people to pieces

When it comes to dinosaurs, mostpeople immediately recalls the two-legged dinosaurs, which millions of years ago were considered the most dangerous and bloodthirsty predators. As a rule, the image of tyrannosaurs that inhabited what is now North America pops up in the imagination. However, recently, scientists have found clear signs that creatures similar to these huge predators lived on the lands of modern Australia. This, at least, is evidenced by the footprint of an ancient monster found during coal mining in the Australian state of Queensland. What kind of dinosaur belongs, which left a huge footprint, is unknown. But today he would easily catch up with any person and tear to pieces.

Tyrannosaurs - one of the most recognizable ancient creatures.

Dangerous predator

According to the science publication ScienceAlert,The footprint of an ancient predator was found 90 years ago. Researchers learned about this only recently when they found an archival photograph of the 1930s, which shows an ancient trace. Its age was estimated at 160 million years - it turns out that a predator unknown to science lived 90 million years earlier than tyrannosaurs. At the same time, he also reached a 3-meter height, and the length of his leg was 80 centimeters. According to the researchers, this is the approximate distance from the center of the human chest to the tip of the fingers of an outstretched arm.

Footprint of Australia's Ancient Predator

Subsequently, scientists managed to find even moretraces of mysterious dinosaurs. By measuring the distance between them, scientists suggested that they ran at a speed of about 35 kilometers per hour. For comparison, the average person’s running speed is about 24 kilometers per hour. That is, if ancient predators lived in our times, they would easily catch up with us and cruelly tear to pieces. This is almost the same as angering a bear - if a huge animal chased after you, it makes no sense to run, because it will catch up with you anyway.

The running speed of the bears reaches 60 km / h

Dinosaur footprints are well preserved, thanksfavorable environmental conditions for this. Apparently, once upon a time in southern Queensland, there were many swamps. Huge creatures walked through marshy areas leaving deep traces, which were subsequently filled with sand and particles of coal. After millions of years, the researchers only needed to remove the remains of coal and pour sand - the tracks were highly detailed and told a lot about the life of ancient predators.

Comparison of the height of a mysterious dinosaur with the growth of an adult

Ancient animals of Australia

According to researchers, thanks to keen eyesminers, in the future they will be able to detect even more of these traces. The discovery made revealed more details about the animal kingdom of ancient Australia. Previously, scientists only knew that in the homeland of the kangaroo lived only herbivorous dinosaurs like huge long-necked sauropods. These dinosaurs are already well studied and their skeletons can be seen in the museum of the Australian state of Queensland.

Millions of years ago, sauropods lived on all continents, including including Antarctica

Signs that in Australian landspredators inhabited, of course, also were. But the researchers did not know about the existence of tyrannosaurus-like giants and believed that these predators were comparable in size to modern chickens. That doesn't sound so scary, huh?

Possibly unknown to the science of predators Australiais a relatively recently discovered allosaurus (Allosaurus Jimmadseni). I talked about this dinosaur at the beginning of 2020 - it was very similar to tyrannosaurs both in size and in its cruelty. Researchers are sure that they were so nimble and strong that they could even attack stegosaurs that fed on plants and reached a 4-meter height.

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Another interesting material on the theme of the ancientscreations recently wrote my colleague Lyubov Sokovikova. She said that millions of years ago, the ancestors of modern crocodiles also knew how to walk on two legs - well, again, just like tyrannosaurs! In general, I will not pull it and I recommend to study these unusual creatures right now.