In August, Microsoft will introduce a cheaper Xbox Lockhart console, not inferior to the PlayStation 5

Hi-tech corporations Sony and MicrosoftThey are actively preparing for the start of sales of the next generation of game consoles, scheduled for the Christmas holidays 2020. Both companies have already held the final presentation, which revealed the most important technical characteristics of future devices, showed the design and opened the curtain over the secret price. Meanwhile, according to insiders, Microsoft has yet another surprise for gamers, in the form of a console codenamed Xbox Series S “Lockhart”, which is a cheaper version of the Xbox Series X.

Numerous insider appeared on the InternetMicrosoft's August announcement of the next-generation next-generation Xbox consoles. According to some reports, the original prefix, hiding under the name Xbox Lockhart, was planned to be announced at the events of the annual E3 2020 exhibition in June. However, the pandemic made adjustments to Microsoft's strategy, and after the cancellation of E3, Lockhart's presentation will take place in August.

According to insider informationsources, the Xbox Lockhart will receive an overclocked processor whose performance is comparable to that of the PlayStation 5. However, other sources claim that the younger version will run on the same processor as the main Xbox Series X model. The console will also support ray tracing technology.

From another insider source cameinformation that the Xbox Lockhart will receive 7.5 GB of used RAM and GPU performance will be 4 TFLOPS. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X will receive 13.5 GB of RAM used and 12 TFLOPS performance.
Thus cheaper and lessXbox Lockhart's productive model will be in response to Sony’s intention to release two versions of the PlayStation 5 (with and without a drive) to better capture the market.

Source: usgamer