Choose a Xiaomi smartphone and not ...

Don't go broke

You should take a look at the Redmi series.

One of the very successful novelties of the 2020 season isXiaomi Redmi 9. The family budget is not too burdensome. It’s not that it’s a very cheap smartphone, and it’s only semi-official access to the Russian market, however, for 11-12 thousand rubles a device with a large battery, a large screen, a processor gaining about two hundred thousand points in AnTuTu, a quad camera and perhaps even an NFC-module is worth considering. Well, as you like.

If you want something even cheaper, you cantry to look in the direction of last year's compact model Redmi Go. Only 6-7 thousand rubles. But be aware that this is an extremely simple device on a stripped-down version of Android, with a small amount of memory, a simple camera, and a weak processor. Not even a fingerprint scanner. Perhaps suitable for the older generation or younger students. Although schoolchildren today are so fastidious ...

Do not be the owner of an ordinary device, which legion

And if the situation is the opposite: money is not a problem, do you want to find something special? Then we need a series of smartphones with a beautiful, short and sonorous name “Mi”.

The flagship of the series, Xiaomi Mi 10, is quite suitable inwhen desperately need to get all the most advanced. The bells and whistles are in full order: the most powerful processor on the market is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, a lot of extremely fast memory, a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. And with cameras it’s even cooler - the module leading in the quad camera has an insane resolution of 108 MP. The company consists of a wide-angle sensor, a scene depth sensor and a macro. The battery is rather big, it can be charged without wires. Also, users can enjoy stereo speakers and support for shooting 8K video, and amuse the fact that there are already two light sensors.

In fairness, we list and shortcomings, theyalso available. The screen-waterfall is, of course, very beautiful, but not everyone is given to use such a thing without experiencing any inconvenience. In addition, the model lacks a slot for memory cards.

The device is expensive. Have to lay out more than forty thousand rubles.

Do not regret the money spent

It seems like there is something to spend, but at the same timeI want deep confidence that the ratio of the price and the set of features provided by the smartphone is optimal? Well, that's for sure about Xiaomi. Mid-range models are her thing. We look at the Redmi Note series.

The youngest model of this year is Redmi Note 9. Xiaomi’s traditional smartphone is the “lower middle level”. The price ranges from 12 to 16 thousand rubles, depending on the amount of memory. Wait, but did Redmi 9 from the lower line, with which we started our review, cost not much less? Exactly. Xiaomi decided to make the transition between the lines purely symbolic, the devices are really much alike. The decision is controversial, but that is, that is.

Back to Redmi Note 9. A good battery with fast charging, NFC support and numerous cameras (of course, you can’t compare with the flagships in quality, but they are solid enough not to disgrace the owner on Instagram) - not bad. A separate curious nuance is the completely fresh “gaming” chipset MediaTek Helio G85. Testing him claim that he is very fit.

Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro -twin brothers. Who is more valuable than mother story? Perhaps the older brother, Redmi Note 9 Pro. Let it be more expensive (from 17 to 21 thousand rubles), but with an NFC-module, that is, it can be used instead of a wallet. But Redmi Note 9S does not have NFC support. And fast charging is not so fast - 18 watts versus 30 watts. And the main camera with fewer megapixels (48 vs 64). Although where do you have so many megapixels? Will you salt them? Redmi Note 9S costs from 16 to 18 thousand rubles.

Otherwise, smartphones are identical. Huge screens with small round holes for the front camera. Fresh Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G gaming processor, gaining under three hundred thousand points in AnTuTu, a lot of cameras, capacious batteries.

Left Note 9S, Right Note 9 Pro

We know, many people like to read and watch reviewssmartphones in other markets. Be careful, there is some confusion with the names. For example, the Redmi Note 9S smartphone we sell is an exact copy of the Indian version of Redmi Note 9 Pro. Yes, and presented recently Poco M2 Pro also looks like them like two drops of water.

Instead of a conclusion

It is impossible to talk about in one textall smartphones. Even about all smartphones of a single company, if this company is Xiaomi. Such a large selection of models that, willy-nilly, some of them remain behind the scenes. For example, Mi Note 10. Almost the flagship, but much cheaper. Last year's Redmi Note 8 line is still for sale and in terms of price-quality ratio is simply amazing.

And even this, of course, is far from all, but sooner or later there comes a moment when, nevertheless, it is necessary to stop permitted speech. So be silent ...

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