Selected the best photos of the year taken from drones (8 photos)

Aerial photography reaches new heights in the competitionDrone Awards 2020, for the third year running as part of the larger Siena International Photo Awards project. This year's Drone Photo Awards winners are presenting original aerial photographs taken using unmanned aerial vehicles.

In 2020, nine categories were presented in the competition, in which, along with the standard themes of nature, people and sports, the most burning topic of our time - the coronavirus pandemic - was approved.

In the category "Empty cities: life during COVID-19 ”presents a series of photographs describing global changes in the life of mankind. The winner in the category was Tomer Appelbaum's "Black Flag" photo, which captures the early stage of the pandemic in April, when a protesting crowd of Israeli citizens met the authorities' demands for social distancing.

The category also contains interesting photos,showing an empty parking lot during quarantine in the Netherlands or a Muslim prayer in Turkey, where disciplined believers maintain social distance.

The main prize among the photos of the Drone competitionPhoto Awards received by Jim Pico of Australia, filming a shoal of salmon taking the shape of a heart as a shark passes through its center. In the nature category there are unique photos of a seagull attacking an unmanned aerial vehicle or a cautious game of a killer whale with a boat full of tourists.

Source: newatlas