The universe is getting hotter and hotter

The latest research shows that the temperatureThe universe has been continuously growing for many billions of years and this fact has nothing to do with global warming on our planet. It was found that the average temperature of gas in the Universe has increased more than 10 times over the past 10 billion years and today has reached about 2 million Kelvin.

Scientific evidence from two missionsPlanck and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, carried out jointly by the European Space Agency and NASA, fully confirm the theory of the large-scale structure of the Universe by physicist Jimi Peebles, for which the expert was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2019.

A universe that contains millionsgalaxies, galaxy clusters and nebulae formed as a result of the gravitational collapse of dark matter and gas. Over time, as a result of the merging of dark matter and gas into new galaxies, due to the increasing resistance, there is a constant heating of matter.

New method allowed scientists to estimate temperaturegas located at a distance from the Earth (earlier in time data), and compare it with the temperature data of gas located closer to the Earth and, therefore, later in time. Now, according to researchers, the theory that the universe is getting hotter has received confirmation. Scientists are confident that this process will continue.

As a result of research using the techniquelight temperature estimates, it was found that the gas located "not far" from the Earth has an average temperature of 2 million degrees Kelvin. At the same time, in remote parts of the Universe, and, therefore, remote from us and in time, the temperature is 10 times lower.

Scientists stated that the universe heats up during the natural process of formation of galaxies and structures and this is not related to warming on Earth.