For the first time, people saw the surface of Mars in a 4K movie (video)

Exploration of Mars, one of the closest to Earthplanets, goes into an active stage, to which more and more countries are connected. Despite the relative proximity of Mars, and the presence of several vehicles sent to the planet, humanity has not yet been able to get a high-resolution video image of its surface.

However, the British company ElderFoxDocumentaries, which is focused on documentary production, was able to render Mars in 4K using photographs provided by space exploration devices Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity on Mars.

The main problem for the creation of the Martianchronicles in high resolution remain low data transfer rate from Mars. So the Curiosity rover, which has been operating on the surface of Mars since 2012, transmits data to Earth at a speed of 32 kilobits per second. And only when the rover is connected to the orbital research station Mars Reconnaissance, the transmission speed increases to 2 megabits per second. However, this opportunity appears only for 8 minutes every Martian day.

Thus, high-definition video requireshuge time for transmission to Earth. Meanwhile, given the lack of active movement on Mars and the static nature of the images obtained, astronomers have decided to transmit photographs to Earth, not video.

Video "Traveling on the surface of another world"was published by ElderFox with comments stating that the film was created using digital photographs captured by three NASA rovers - Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity (Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity).
The photos were then “stitched together” to createthe illusion of a camera moving through a desolate and barren landscape. As a result, according to the filmmakers' statement, "the most realistic video report about a stay on Mars" was obtained. The video shows the Martian region of Cape Verde, the Santa Maria crater, Burns Cliff and the entrance to the Marathon Valley.

Some images capture the portions of the rovers that recorded the images. In some areas of the video, you can see small black areas that were not captured in the photographs from the rovers.

Spirit and Opportunity devices are currentlyhave already stopped working, which was the result of the impact of dust storms, but next year to help the lonely Curiosity on the surface of the Red Planet, the newest Mars rover Perseverance, which NASA has planned to launch on July 30, is to land. The research vehicle will receive 23 video cameras and two microphones, which will make it possible to create even more impressive films showing the surface of our nearest space neighbor.