Hydrogen supercar Hyperion XP-1 with a top speed of 356 km / h and a power reserve of 1600 km

Car manufacturers usingalternative fuels, strive to maximize the range of autonomous travel and reduce the time to recharge the car. At a virtual presentation, Hyperion demonstrated the capabilities of the Hyperion XP-1 supercar, which is capable of driving about 1600 km on a single charge of hydrogen cells, and also accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.2 seconds.

The maximum speed available for the Hyperion XP-1 will be 355 km / h, and changing the fuel cells will take only 5 minutes.
Working on the Hyperion XP-1 supercarlasted about 10 years, and more than 200 engineers worked on the introduction of technologies using hydrogen into the automotive industry. As a result, the developers were able to significantly reduce the weight of the car, due to the abandonment of traditional heavy-ion-lithium batteries.

As a propulsion system in the Hyperion XP-1permanent magnet motors, three-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive are used. To reduce the overall weight of the car, the designers used carbon fiber and titanium alloys in the manufacture of the body, and for the original independent suspension on the double wishbones, the aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry was chosen. As a result, a fully equipped Hyperion XP-1 weighs just 1,032 kg.

Among the innovative engineering solutions, you cannote hydraulically adjustable ride height, gesture control, glass roof and a huge curved display for control. The company announced that production of the supercar will begin later this year, but the price of the Hyperion XP-1 has not yet been disclosed.