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Food was found inside the mummy. What did the ancient Egyptians eat?

Many interesting facts about Ancient Egypt are knownthanks to the embalmed mummies preserved inside the tombs. The so-called bodies of deceased people that have been treated with substances to slow down the decomposition of tissues. Usually, in the process of embalming, the internal organs of a person were removed and placed in a separate vessel. But recently, a mummy was found inside one of the Egyptian tombs, the insides of which have not been removed. This is a truly unique and very valuable find, because thanks to it, scientists were able to find out what the ancient Egyptians ate. Yes, food particles really remained inside the stomach, and the age of the mummy is about 6,000 years. As part of this article, I propose to find out what foods the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt ate and whether they can be bought in a store. Well, why not taste what the Egyptians ate thousands of years ago?

Mummy was found in Egypt with preserved entrails

Mummies of Ancient Egypt

An unusual find was told in the scientificAncient Origins magazine. How the Egyptians embalmed the bodies of dead people is known thanks to the works of Herodotus and other ancient historians. But according to the ancient Egyptian documents themselves, it is very difficult to restore all the stages of embalming. According to the surviving data, the first thing the embalmers did was take an iron hook and remove part of the brain from the person's nostrils. The rest of the brain was destroyed by injecting diluents. Then, just below the abdomen, they made an incision and removed the internal organs. They were placed in a separate vessel, and the body was coated with substances to slow down tissue decomposition. After that, the body was left alone for 70 days and then wrapped in a cloth.

Mummification in Ancient Egypt took a very long time

What did the Egyptians eat?

It is unknown why, but the aforementioned mummy is notwent through all the necessary stages of embalming. The internal organs of the person were not removed, so the stomach and its contents were quite well preserved. Before his death, the ancient Egyptian ate a soup made from barley, green onions and tilapia fish (Oreochromis niloticus). These relatively small fish are still found in the Egyptian Nile River and weigh about 4.3 kilograms. These fish played a very important role in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. It was believed that she was closely associated with the gods - for example, it was believed that she was the guide of the chariot of the sun god Ra. Also, tilapia was associated with the goddess of love and women, Hathor. It was believed that if you wear an amulet with the image of a fish around your neck, you can give birth to a healthy child.

Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

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And there is no green onion and barley in the soupnothing special. Barley was clearly the main ingredient in the soup, and the Egyptians have grown it since very early times. It was consumed in the form of grain and was also used to make bread and beer. I talked about how bread was baked for the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt in this article. And the ancient Egyptian craftsmen brewed beer for a long time and very successfully. It is believed that beer was such a popular drink that both the rich and the lower classes could afford it.

We can say that beer was invented in ancient Egypt

So can you make tilapia soup today? No problem, but a modern person is unlikely to like it. Tilapia fillets can be bought in many stores in any city, and inexpensively. And with barley and green onions, problems should not arise at all. According to the remains, the soup consisted of only these three ingredients and possibly salt. Today hardly anyone will want to eat such a mess, but you never know? It is important to note that the ancient Egyptians did not butcher fish and cooked it along with bones and fins. Of course, it's not worth repeating this "trick" during home cooking.

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