Owners of Tesla electric cars began to complain more and more about the failure of the steering wheel

National Traffic Safety AdministrationUS highways (NHTSA) announced the beginning of an investigation against Tesla on August 1 in connection with a defect in the steering of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles.

Reportedly, the steering wheel either physically stopsturn, or the system issues a notification and an error code due to a steering malfunction. At least 12 car owners complained about this. And this applies to brand new cars.

According to NHTSA, the problem may affect the order280,000 Tesla electric cars of these models. At the same time, it has already reached serious accidents caused by a steering wheel defect. In one case, the driver was unable to drive the electric car due to a sudden failure of the steering wheel and collided with a tree, in another case, the car jerked to the side when leaving the parking lot - the steering wheel simply stopped turning. The service explained that they know about the problem, which is in the steering rack, but the repair requires spare parts, the supply of which is broken.

The first mention of this problem began in June.