Video demonstrates beta test of fully autonomous autopilot for Tesla electric cars

This week it was announced the start ofthe long-awaited test of a full-fledged autopilot system in Tesla's electric vehicles. The head of the company, Elon Musk, said this on his Twitter page, noting that it would be a long and laborious process. The very next day after Musk's announcement, the first videos of the closed beta testing of a full-fledged FSD (Full Self-Driving) autopilot appeared on the network.

More FSD BETA. Shot in wide lens to show reactions to street lights, bicyclists and cars ... amazing work @tesla!

- Brandonee916 (@ brandonee916) October 22, 2020
The video was shared on Twitter by one oftesters, the owner of Tesla Model 3 with the nickname Brandonee916. From the video presented, we can conclude that when the FSD was updated, changes were made to the software interface and the Tesla navigation system.

The animated picture displayed onOn the Tesla display, you can see a new interface that clearly shows the environment, highway boundaries, vehicle and signs. The monitor receives data from sensors that scan markings, road signs and signs, traffic lights, as well as cars and people on the sidelines.

The future is coming ... FSD BETA is here, I [email protected] makes progress to get this out to more people soon! Full intersection rendering on the DEV UI is incredible. I didn’t have any interaction other than modifying my following distance.

- Brandonee916 (@ brandonee916) October 22, 2020
The first mention of full-fledged autopilot,allowing you to refuse driver services, Musk did back in 2015. Then he promised to implement the system in the next two years. However, the task turned out to be not an easy one, and only at the end of 2020 can you see how Tesla independently drives along the night highway at a still low speed of 56 km / h (35 mph). It is known that wider testing will begin within the next month, and the full launch of the system for the United States is scheduled for mid-December.

Source: brandonee916