Moon Landing Video Reworked in 4K Using Artificial Intelligence

The Apollo Moon Landing PresentsIt is a breathtaking sight, but the historical chronicle was filmed using outdated technology and now looks archaic with blurry high-grain footage. New technologies based on artificial intelligence have come to the aid of NASA, which will allow viewers to experience in a new way the exciting moments of a man's landing on the moon.

Specialists from the studio for the restoration of photographs andFilms DutchSteamMachine has been able to clean up the historical record and deliver high quality video of the Apollo landing with frame rates upscaled from the original 12 FPS to 60 FPS.

As the main tool for improvementThe video used Depth-Aware video frame INterpolation (DAIN) technology based on artificial intelligence, distributed free of charge and open source. The technology is based on the analysis of two consecutive frames, the study of the movement of objects and the generation of intermediate frames. Adding new frames to the video makes the movie smoother and sharper.

As a result of processing, DAIN technology cancreate several times more frames than in the original film. The video of the Apollo landing used the then-available 12 FPS technology. AI DAIN added 48 more frames per second using 12 original frames, which allowed the release of the updated film at 60 FPS.

The use of DAIN technology has norestrictions and can be used to enhance the quality of any movie. Successful restoration and video conversion requires only high computing power and time. However, the result will significantly improve the quality of any historical newsreels, preserve the historical heritage and encourage people to re-view the footage of significant events.

Source: universetoday