SmartSaddle Bicycle Saddle Eliminates Riding Discomfort (2 Photos)

Bicycles are becoming more populara means of transportation in modern megacities suffering from huge traffic jams. It is no secret, however, that the traditional bike saddle causes problems and many users find it uncomfortable. A new product from the startup SmartSaddle, recently presented on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, will help solve the problem and eliminate the discomfort during a long bike ride.

The invention belongs to Kansas engineer Dennis Bell and is the creative development of the previously presented MoonSaddle, named for its original crescent shape.

The main advantage of the innovative designthe device is to eliminate the elongated "nose" shape of the traditional saddle to transfer the cyclist's weight from the sensitive perineum to the stronger "sit bones". For this, the working part of the saddle is placed across the axis of the bicycle, changing the point of weight application and the area of ​​contact of the user with the seat.

Saddle for increased rider comfortFeatures soft carbon fiber and polymer inserts to further enhance SmartSaddle durability. The design of the mount with standard rails will allow the saddle to be mounted on any type of bike. The SmartSaddle can be ordered on Kickstarter for $ 149 and will retail for $ 175.

Source: kickstarter