Budget Tesla Model Y Standard Range discontinued

Tesla decided to abandon the release of the cheapest version of the electric car and announced its intention to release another modification of the car with a lower price in the next few months.

Tesla Model Y was presented in March 2019years when the company announced its intention to release 4 different modifications of the electric SUV: Standard Range (with standard range), Long Range (increased range), twin-engine AWD (with long-range battery) and Performance (also with long-range battery).

Only Long Range models actually went on saleand Performance. According to the statement made by Mask on Twitter, the Standard Range modification has a too small autonomous driving radius (up to 400 km on the EPA cycle).

Simultaneously with the rejection of a cheaper modelelectric car Model Y, Tesla decided to lower prices on already offered models. So Long Range cars, instead of the originally announced price of $ 52,990, will now be sold for $ 49,990 (minus $ 3,000).

Modification of Tesla Model Y Performance savesThe initial cost is $ 59,990, but the optional option package, which was previously offered at an additional cost, now comes free. Additional options include: increasing the maximum speed to 248 km / h, an advanced brake system, 21 inch wheels, reduced ground clearance and aluminum pedals.

The company also does not abandon plansrelease a budget version of Model Y under the Long Range RWD brand with one electric motor at a price of 45 thousand dollars. At the same time, Musk noted that the autonomous range of the most inexpensive Model Y car will be significantly higher than 300 miles or 482.8 km.

Source: electrek