Microsoft's budget game console will be called Xbox Series S (4 photos)

Another confirmation of intentions has appearedMicrosoft will release a budget next-generation game console called the Xbox Series S. Insiders have been talking about the upcoming announcement of a cheap Xbox console in August, which will be released in tandem with the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Now, however, rumors about the existence of a low-cost console have received real confirmation in the form of a new gamepad designed to work with the next-generation budget console from Microsoft.

Microsoft Secrets Revealed Upon Purchasea new Xbox controller by Twitter user Zak S. The White Robot controller only cost the enthusiast $ 35. A video clip of the controller opening the packaging posted on Twitter shows a description of the device stating that the new controller is designed to work with iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Thus, it became known about the unannouncedwhile officially a game console called Xbox Series S, which is highly likely to become a cheaper version of the Xbox Series X. According to insiders, this console will have 7.5 GB of RAM, GPU performance will be about 4 teraflops, and the processor will be identical to the installed on Xbox Series X.

Microsoft declined to comment on wherethere was a leak of the next-gen controller, but assured that there is still a lot of news for the Xbox in 2020, which is too early to open.

Source: theverge