The bracelet will wean the wearer from touching the face or smoking using an electric shock

Long before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, back inIn 2014, Pavlok created a Bluetooth bracelet designed to wean the user from bad habits such as smoking, nail biting and excessive food cravings. The device, outwardly similar to a fitness tracker, simply "rewarded" the owner with an electric shock when performing certain actions. In the context of the Covid19 epidemic, the device becomes a means to combat another bad habit - constant contact of hands with face.

The Pavlok bracelet design has accelerometers,connects through a special application and the bracelet is named in honor of Ivan Pavlov, whose developments are used to treat bad habits using "disgust therapy". The triggering of the so-called "latching circuit" leads to a shock to the user with a small discharge when he performs certain prohibited actions. It is noteworthy that the bracelet can also play the role of an alarm clock in the case when the owner does not want to wake up with a sound signal.

As a result of the operation of the device, in the human braina negative association with certain actions is developed. The original goal of Pavlok was to combat smoking and obesity, but during an epidemic, the device will help people reduce the frequency of hand-to-face contact, which will reduce the likelihood of infection.

Currently Pavlok will be able to monitor up to 100 user actions. The device is priced at $ 149.

Source: onezero